Life Under Lukashenka
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As elections approach, we take a closer look at Europe’s only vaguely understood neighbor...

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The Stupid Elections

There are two elections being contested this weekend in Belarus – a multifaceted one online, and a very simple one for real.

by Iryna Vidanava

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Dec, 17

Truth and Consequences

A powerful political movement has emerged as a meaningful, anti-Lukashenka force, so why aren’t Western capitals and local democracy activists brimming with enthusiasm?

by Alyaksandr Yanusik

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Dec, 10

Enemies of Themselves

It’s been years since things looked so good – and so bad – for the opposition in Belarus.

by Rodger Potocki

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Dec, 08

Europe’s Daddy of a Bitch

Here comes Lukashenka 4.0 – get rich, be free, just don’t ask for democracy.

by Andrei Dynko

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Dec, 08

The Non-Accidental President

How a crafty outsider exploited a peculiar set of historical and political circumstances in post-Soviet Belarus to take the reins of power.

by Alexander Martynau

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Dec, 03

Divide and Be Conquered

Autocracy survives in Belarus in part because its citizens cannot agree on who they really are.

by Viktar Martinovich

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Nov, 23

Feeding the Meat Grinder

It was the West that saved Belarus’ untenable economic model, and Lukashenka’s hide, this time. But change is still inevitable.

by Sergei Korol

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Nov, 20