Life Under Lukashenka
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As elections approach, we take a closer look at Europe’s only vaguely understood neighbor...

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The Comfortable Confines of Art

With subsidized rent and a skill in demand, an artist in Belarus can make a good living, but the appetite for challenging works is limited.

by Ilya Kuzniatsou

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Dec, 21

A Baton Blow to Belarusian Democracy

Minsk had everything to gain by playing fair in this presidential election. Last night’s arrests and beatings might have cost it dearly.

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Dec, 19

The Case for Luka

Pensions are decent and come on time. Minsk is safe. “What’s not to like?’” the president’s supporters say.

by Nasta Shamrey and Tanya Haurylchyk

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Dec, 18

Leashed Potential

Belarus’ IT industry is growing at an amazing rate, but it’s still thwarted by an outdated business model.

by Christina Karchevskaya

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Dec, 15

Personal Story: Leonid Markovich, teacher

Universities in Belarus don’t have the resources that those elsewhere have, but their secret weapon might be their teachers.

by Christina Karchevskaya

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Dec, 09

Personal Story: Pavel Sieviarynets, dissident

Despite arrests and harassment, one dissident keeps agitating to make Belarus a European and Christian nation.

by Tanya Haurylchyk and Alex Kudrytski

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Dec, 05