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Published on 15 Dec 2010 - filed under Videos.

Leashed Potential

Belarus’ IT industry is growing at an amazing rate, but it’s still thwarted by an outdated business model.

by Christina Karchevskaya

Almost 90 IT companies operate in Minsk under the umbrella organization of High Tech Park, providing outsourcing of high-end software and specialty services to more than 50 countries. Sergey Hamzatov is one of the industry’s estimated 3,500 young, highly educated software engineers. Employed as a junior designer by one of the country’s main design companies, Karandash (Pencil), 21-year-old Hamzatov’s goal is to start his own company – either a design center or a web design studio. Despite Belarus’ gradual climb up the rungs of the global software engineering ladder, he still says better computer education, production of exclusive software, and a competitive and cheaper Internet architecture are needed to help his country grow as an IT industry leader.

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