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Published on 05 Dec 2010 - filed under Videos.

Personal Story: Pavel Sieviarynets, dissident

Despite arrests and harassment, one dissident keeps agitating to make Belarus a European and Christian nation.

by Tanya Haurylchyk and Alex Kudrytski

During his politically active life, Pavel Sieviarynets has been detained dozens of time by Belarusian security services and spent several years under arrest and detention, once serving a two-year prison sentence at a timber mill in northern Belarus. The 33-year-old former journalist, youth leader and opposition activist now co-chairs the Belarusian Christian Democracy party and runs the campaign headquarters for presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski. He has often openly protested for the removal of President Alexander Lukashenko, calling him morally corrupt and religiously broken. One of Sieviarynets’ main goals with his BDC party has been to involve youth in political activity and work together with other opposition parties in bringing about a “spiritual, political and, economic revival” in Belarus and “turn it toward the heart of Europe.”

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