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Published on 13 Dec 2010 - filed under Audio Slideshows.

No Longer Pummeled, but Limping

A veteran journalist assesses the state of media in Belarus today.

by Christina Karchevskaya

Since the mid-1990s, independent journalism in Belarus has been hobbled by a changing combination of outright censorship, government efforts to cut off printing and distribution channels, or wholesale avoidance by advertisers. The situation, though still bleak, has improved a bit in the past year or two in response to pressure from the European Union, says Victor Malishevski, who was an editor at the Belarus edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda, a major newspaper, for 10 years. He is now the author of a well-respected blog on livejournal that was a finalist in Deutsche Welle’s Best of Blogs contest this year.

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