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Published on 01 Dec 2010 - filed under Candidate Profiles.

Candidate Profile: Jaroslav Romanchuk

Romanchuk, 44, is director of the Mises Scientific Research Center, a libertarian think tank in Minsk, and deputy chairman of the United Civil Party of Belarus.

He is part of what some Belarusian journalists have called their country’s Putin-Medvedev tandemocracy, as Civil Party Chairman Anatol Lyabedzka is leading his campaign team and will take the prime minister’s post if Romanchuk wins.

Romanchuk has worked as a journalist and analyst and served as a staff economist for a commission on economic policy and reforms in the precursor to the current Belarusian parliament, the Supreme Council.

Romanchuk’s campaign is focused on the economy, promising “A Million New Jobs for Belarus.” His three-year plan aims for market reforms, restored limitations on the presidency, affirmation of freedom of speech, and protection of human rights.

He is a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty and the winner of numerous international awards in economics. He has set out to shake 1 million hands in his campaign swings across the country.

Video courtesy of NashaNiva

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