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Published on 18 Dec 2010 - filed under Blogs.

Photoblog – Day Seventeen

Today was one of the most pleasant meetings of the last few days. People came together on Svabody Square to pray.

by Tanya Fedorenko

They prayed for Belarus, for return to Christian values, for God to give power to Belarusian people to overcome hard times. There were no appeals to come on the Ploshcha; to give voices to a certain candidate. But it was very powerful meeting, where people of all confessions and views came together.

The meeting was organized by the Belarusian Christian Democracy party. A meeting with Vitaly Rymashevski happened at the same time in one of the Minsk schools.

Tanya Fedorenko is a Minsk-based photojournalist. She is a graduate of the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania where she specialized in the theory and practice of contemporary art.

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