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Published on 28 Dec 2010 - filed under Blogs.

Photoblog – Day Twenty Six

After the mass arrests on Dec. 19 people have organized several support centers for prisoners.

by Tanya Fedorenko

Volunteers are collecting clothes, food, hygiene items and money for the victims. One of these centers is organized by the Belarusian Popular Front. Every day relatives of prisoners and volunteers collect and transport to jail things for prisoners.

On December 29 and 30 some people are expected to be released from prison. The rest will leave on January 3.

Lawyers are admitted to the ex-candidates and their agents, except Vladimir Nekliaev.

Tanya Fedorenko is a Minsk-based photojournalist. She is a graduate of the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania where she specialized in the theory and practice of contemporary art.

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