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A Baton Blow to Belarusian Democracy

Minsk had everything to gain by playing fair in this presidential election. Last night’s arrests and beatings might have cost it dearly.

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Dec, 19 · in Videos

Photoblog – Day Seventeen

Today was one of the most pleasant meetings of the last few days. People came together on Svabody Square to pray.

by Tanya Fedorenko

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Dec, 18 · in Blogs

The Case for Luka

Pensions are decent and come on time. Minsk is safe. “What’s not to like?’” the president’s supporters say.

by Nasta Shamrey and Tanya Haurylchyk

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Dec, 18

The Stupid Elections

There are two elections being contested this weekend in Belarus – a multifaceted one online, and a very simple one for real.

by Iryna Vidanava

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Dec, 17

Photoblog – Day Sixteen

Toady was a call to repeat the revolution that happened at Ploshcha four years ago, when the official town square was renamed by a new generation not familiar with Lenin.

by Tanya Fedorenko

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Dec, 17

Photoblog – Day Fifteen

Sometimes here in Belarus the election struggle turns into stupidity. Today two active groups organized two meetings at the same time in one place.

by Tanya Fedorenko

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Dec, 16

Blog: An Important First Step, a Belarusian Ushahidi-based website collecting citizen reports about election fraud, is bombarded with messages now that voting has opened.

by Andrei Khrapavitski

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Dec, 16



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